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Kuznicki’s Inner Ethical Council

Jason Kuznicki reports on a recent meeting of the Inner Ethical Council in this absolutely brilliant bit of writing at Positive Liberty. I only find it mildly disconcerting that despite the fact that I have long claimed the mantle of cynic, I found myself agreeing mostly with the Epicurean avatar in his imagination. Does that make me an epicurean cynic or a cynical epicurean? Or just confused? Oh, who cares. Eat, drink and be merry….at least until our parasites, slowly crafted by the unconscious designs of natural selection for maximum effectiveness, consume us all.


  1. #1 Jason Kuznicki
    February 18, 2005

    Thank you.

    Incidentally, the Cynic was created as a character long before I knew you. I was writing about the Inner Ethical Council while still living in Paris, almost half a year before my compulsive writing drove me to start blogging.

    As to me, I agree most often with the Epicurean and the Capitalist, which is probably pretty clear to those who have been following the IEC on my blog.

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