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Transitional Fossil Evidence Challenge

My friend Wesley Elsberry has updated the Transitional Fossil Evidence Challenge (TFEC) and posted it on his blog. The TFEC has a long history in online discussions of evolution and creationism, particularly in the talk.origins newsgroup, but as far as I know this is the first time it has been extended to the blogosphere. It was developed many years ago in response to the constant claim that there are no transitional fossil sequences in the world. This claim is mindlessly repeated by creationists, virtually none of whom have ever examined a fossil in their lives. In order to credibly make such a claim, of course, one would have had to examine all of the published instances where a fossil was advanced as transitional in the scientific literature and found that the conclusion was unwarranted. So what Wesley did was dig into that literature and find a hundred or so journal articles where a particular find was advanced as transitional. The challenge, for those who deny the existence of transitional sequences, is to show why the examples do not, in fact, show transition. In a decade of issuing this challenge, no one making the initial claim has ever managed to do so.


  1. #1 Josh
    February 24, 2005

    This sounds similar to The Evolution Project. We’ve got some transitional fossils buried in there.

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