Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Just how zealous is the religious right to make sure they have total control over the Republican party? Well this should answer that question. Remember their fevered efforts to have Arlen Specter drummed out of the party leadership after the election? The Christian Coalition’s 2004 scorecard for the Senate gave Specter an 83% score. If someone agreeing with you 83% of the time isn’t good enough for you in politics, you’re the very definition of fanatical.


  1. #1 Johan Richter
    March 30, 2005

    To claim that they are in 83% agreement is a bit simplistic I would say. How many votes you agree on are after all a function of which votes are held. If the political field was broader in the US so that for example there were socialists in Congress Hillary Clinton might score a 83% agreement with the right. After all, she would probaly vote against their suggestions for socializing banking and putting racists in jail.

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