Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Home Again, Home Again

I have returned from a day and a half away, involving a freak late-April snowstorm and a huge pileup on the highway (I was not involved in it except that it backed up traffic for what seemed like about 20 miles) and some fun as well. I return to find that, irony of ironies, I was mentioned in the Rev. Moon’s Washington Times. Sadly, they didn’t quote any of my voluminous examples of their owner’s insanity.


  1. #1 Bill Ware
    April 24, 2005

    From the article, I googled “Ed Brayton of the Michigan Citizens for Science” to see what a person might find using this as their starting point.

    “All the usual suspects” is a good way to put it. Or all my favorite blogs, is another.

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