Dispatches from the Creation Wars

I know it’s only the first of the month, but this one really can’t be topped. I actually had made a note of this ridiculous column by Star Parker for a possible Idiot of the Month award. In it, she cites a study showing that 51% of Americans think abortion is immoral, but 63% of Americans support Roe v. Wade and want it to remain legal. Then she proceeds to argue that the compromisers on the filibuster in the Senate will surely be punished by the voters because they may be keeping judges off the bench who will overturn that decision because, well, 51% think abortion is immoral. That bit of logical gymnastics surely is worthy of a nomination. But not 10 minutes later, I find this article by Max Ross on why women really like being raped. Okay, ring the bell. We’ve got a winner (err, loser). Max Ross, my dear readers, may have set the bar so high that even Joseph Farah can’t reach it – this is spectacular stupidity, stupidity on a cosmic scale:

Hunt, gather, fight, copulate… these are the four basic ‘drives’ of man. Whether you believe in evolution, creation or intelligent design, the human male is uniquely designed and desirous to accomplish these tasks. In human men, sperm production is so ridiculously high that 23 men in a period of one month could produce enough gene juice to impregnate and repopulate the entire planet, currently standing at around 6 billion… Basically, the boys were designed to ‘hit’ as many females in the shortest period of time, whether the women want to mate or not. Through out human history this has been the ‘natural order.’…

From a civilized standpoint, a Judeo-Christian standpoint, people would write this off as heretical, dangerous and degrading to women. But what if she wants it that way? If this is the natural order and men have evolved or were designed to breed regardless of context, is it not possible or even probable that females have a deep, abiding need to be taken, dominated and then provided for?

Holy shit. How could you even begin to parody something like this. First, you halfwit, hunting and gathering are not the same thing. In prehistoric days, men did the hunting and women did the gathering. So how on earth did you get the notion that gathering is an inexorable male trait? You can’t even regurgitate your simplistic premises correctly, for crying out loud. Must be a sperm overload impeding on your brain. I won’t bother to trash the rest of it. Others have already done so quite well. The best slam came from the comments in response to the article itself:

“Max Ross is a businessman, father and self described ‘Libertarian bomb thrower.'”

Little Maxine: “Daddy, I got raped.”

Maxie: “No, dear, the nice man was just acting out the deterministic Trail-Restrain-Fuck-Gloat meme. Here’s ‘Rape as a Gift.’ It is soooooo hot! Now I gotta go hit and ‘hit’ your mother.”

And no, this drooling moron is not a libertarian. No libertarian could possibly construct a justification for violating the liberty of another person. Like the southern nationalists, he’s appropriating a term I will not let him have.


  1. #1 Ginger Yellow
    June 1, 2005

    Amanda at Pandagon also trashed it extensively.

  2. #2 GeneralZod
    June 1, 2005

    I cannot wait for his next articles wherein he describes how black people wanted to be slaves (they were happier then: less responsibility!) and how native americans wanted to get rid of all their lands and how they also wanted smallpox.

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