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Discussing Kelo on the Radio

It appears that I will be a guest on the Jim Babka show again tonight. He has asked me to come on along with Herb Titus again, this time to discuss the Supreme Court’s Kelo decision the other day. I’ll be curious to hear what position Titus takes. On the one hand, I know that he is a staunch defender of property rights. On the other hand, he did say the last time we appeared together that the 14th amendment only incorporated the first 3 amendments against the states, and Kelo involved state and local laws, not a Federal law. We will only be on for part of the show this time, not the whole thing, and I don’t know exactly what time that will be.

As usual, the show will begin at 5 pm eastern time on Sunday. To listen online, click here. High quality streaming is available with a subscription, and lower grade streaming is available for free on channels 1 and 2. I will make the mp3 of the show available here for download in the next couple days.

Update: Unfortunately, Jim was unable to reach Herb Titus, who in an odd coincidence was on a plane on his way to my hometown. So it was just me on the show discussing the Kelo case. It went well and an mp3 will be available in the next couple days.


  1. #1 Jon Rowe
    June 26, 2005

    I’ll be waiting and listening!!!

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