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Gorenfeld’s Latest Moon Expose`

John Gorenfeld has an article in the American Prospect detailing the Rev. Moon’s ties to North Korea and to the political right in America. It has long been known that Moon has been pumping hard currency into North Korea, but Gorenfeld provides some shocking numbers as well as evidence of Moon’s involvement in an arms deal that Moon was involved in that enhanced North Korea’s missile capability. He also puts the lie to the oft-repeated claims by Moon’s employees at the Washington Times that they have complete editorial independence. The long history of the Washington Times’ running what are little more than press releases from Moon’s various front groups as “news” stories is more than enough to destroy that claim. He also makes note of the fact that one of Moon’s longtime followers, Josette Shiner, was just nominated by Bush to be undersecretary of state for economic, business and agricultural affairs. Shiner was also, not coincidentally, the Washington Times former managing editor who was tapped to interview deceased North Korean dictator Kim Il-Sung for the newspaper in 1992.


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    July 18, 2005

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