Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Idiot of the Month Award

Rogier van Bakel has a thorough takedown of Judith Reisman, a nutty old anti-everything-sexual crusader who is astonishinly popular among social conservatives. This is the woman who came up with the mythical “erototoxins”, highly addictive chemicals allegedly released by the brain when one views pornography. Though, one could reasonably point out, Reisman herself has likely viewed far more pornography in the course of her “research” and she doesn’t appear to have been turned into a zombie yet. Consistency, thou art a fickle muse. Bakel shreds Reisman for making incredibly loopy claims like this one:

…the Nazi Party and the Holocaust itself were largely the creation of “the German homosexual movement.” Thanks to Alfred Kinsey, she warns, the American homosexual movement is poised to repeat those crimes. “Idealistic ‘gay youth’ groups are being formed and staffed in classrooms nationwide by recruiters too similar to those who formed the original ‘Hitler youth.'”

Uh, yeah. And it’s a just a coincidence that over half a million homosexuals were killed in the holocaust along with millions of Jews, who, by the way, Reisman claims are in control of the pornography industry (and the abortion industry) and therefore are the ones behind this attempt to rot our brains. You gotta hand it to someone with the sheer chutzpah to blame the Jews for pornography and abortion, but blame the holocaust on the same people who died in the holocaust.