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The John Roberts Documents

The White House released some 75,000 documents from John Roberts’ early work in the Reagan Department of Justice, which has his opponents pouring over them looking for something to use against him during the nomination. I haven’t seen any of them, of course, but I really like this quote from one memo he wrote when a Congressman suggested to President Reagan that they hold a “conference on power sharing” between the branches of government:

“There already has, of course, been a ‘Conference on Power Sharing. It took place in Philadelphia’s Constitution Hall in 1787, and someone should tell [Congressman] Levitas about it and the ‘report’ it issued.”

That’s delightfully phrased and hits just the right note of snarkiness. I like it.


  1. #1 ruidh
    July 29, 2005

    Unfortunately, Roberts seems all too enamored with the unrestrained power of the Executive branch. Perhaps someone should show *him* the report.

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