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Are You Ready for Some Football?

Okay, now that I have all these comments to reply to, I’m gonna have to beg off until later tonight or tomorrow. Tonight is the draft for my fantasy football league. This league is really more about competitive trash talking than about football, of course. And we’ve been fighting over rule changes and pre-draft trades and tonight should be one giant pain in the butt. Hopefully I’ll end up with a good team. My only keeper is Daunte Culpepper and I’ll build the team around him.


  1. #1 spyder
    August 30, 2005

    Well Ed just don’t be afraid to look out west for some individuals who will have breakout years. While the general quality of the teams in the West has remained unfortunately stagnant at best(the Southwest doing better-San Diego/Arizona), there are some great individual performance seasons waiting to happen among the others.

    Good luck on your drafting.

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