Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Interesting ID Question

Wilfred Elders, a geologist from UC-Riverside, passed along this interesting letter to the editor of his local newspaper, the Press-Enterprise. A school teacher wonders, if ID is to be taught in schools, what exactly are they supposed to teach?

Design: What to teach?

I am curious about what I am supposed to teach if intelligent design becomes part of the school curriculum.

After I tell a class that some believe that the universe and life were created by a superior, all-powerful intelligence, where do I go from there?

Do I teach about the creator in Genesis or about Phan Ku, Ulgen, Wulbari, Ta-Aroa or any of the many other creation theories that abound in cultures around the world?

There are volumes of research from which I may teach evolutionary theory.

Please tell me what I am supposed to teach about intelligent design.


I think what this question highlights is what I’ve been saying here for quite some time, that there really is no difference between ID and “evidence against evolution”. When ID advocates say they don’t really want ID taught but just the evidence against evolution, they’re not saying anything at all. It’s a tautology.