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Dover Trial Begins

The Dover trial has begun. After opening statements, the first witness was Ken Miller, a Brown university molecular biologist. Rob Pennock, president of Michigan Citizens for Science and author/editor of several books on Intelligent Design Creationism, is scheduled to testify on Wednesday. The media coverage is pretty high for this trial. I just finished an interview with Detroit radio station WWJ and all of the major newspapers and TV outlets will be covering the trial. Nick Matzke of the NCSE is on the scene and will hopefully be providing daily reports I can link to. Jonathan Witt of the Discovery Institute is also there and blogging about the trial.


  1. #1 Red Right Hand
    September 26, 2005

    Wish I could be in Harrisburg to see this in person. But at least I have popcorn access here.

    Does anyone know if transcripts will be available and posted on a day-to-day basis, or will we have to wait till the show’s over?

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