Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Hovind and Dover

As much as the ID crowd wants to separate themselves from old-fashioned creationists, they must realize that to the rank and file there simply isn’t much distinction between the two. The folks in the pews don’t really care whether it’s traditional young earth creationism or vague “intelligent designer”, they just want anything that denies evolution and stands up for God Almighty. Hence, you have supporters of the ID policy in Dover showing videos publicly from the uber-fraud Kent Hovind. The article also quotes PT contributor and inveterate power drinker Burt Humburg.


  1. #1 spyder
    September 30, 2005

    Many years ago a friend of mine, who is now deceased sad to say, suggested in one of his several books that all life on the Earth, particularly human life, was seeded by fungi spores carried by meteors and other space born particulate matter. While there is some evidence that some bacterial and fungi life may transit the expanses of space, we did scoff at the notion that human DNA was based on these sorts of random collisions. Now that i think about it, wouldn’t the same sort of causality apply within the framework of ID? These inexplicably complicated “leaps” of change might just as well have been “created” by space spewn bits of matter as say by some Intelligent creator. Such causation wouldn’t change the fact that ID isn’t science however.

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