Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Another One Bites the Dust

Yet another expert witness has pulled out from testifying in the Dover trial. Warren Nord, a philosopher from the University of North Carolina, has been withdrawn as a witness. Out of the 8 experts that the defense lined up for this trial, 5 of them have pulled out. Of the three left, Behe and Fuller did at least as much for the plaintiff’s case as for the defense. That leaves only Scott Minnich yet to go, assuming he doesn’t pull out as well. And tomorrow the infamous William Buckingham is going to testify. And he’s being called by the defense, believe it or not. That should be fun.


  1. #1 Dan
    October 25, 2005

    WOW!!! The defense has called Buckingham? This will be like watching a train wreck. I’m having flashbacks of the Chris Darden glove demonstration in the O.J. trial. I’d pay good money — and lots of it — to be the lawyer who gets to cross Buckingham. It’s every trial lawyer’s dream.

  2. #2 Ed Brayton
    October 25, 2005


    Hell, I’d pay to watch it.

  3. #3 mark
    October 26, 2005

    Let’s hope his memory has improved since his deposition last January. I wonder if the “2,000 years ago…” video will be shown for his comment.
    I had gotten the impression that he was the one responsible for recruiting the “Sword and the Shield of the Faith” to defend the Board–perhaps that issue might be raised.

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