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Olduvai George Has A Blog

This is very cool. Carl Buell, better known by perhaps my favorite nickname of all time, Olduvai George (if you don’t get the reference, do a google search on “Leakey” and all will be revealed), has finally gotten around to starting a blog. Carl has been a frequent commenter here at Dispatches. He is by profession an illustrator who does scientific drawings for books and magazines. Indeed, he did all of the illustrations for at least one book by Carl Zimmer and I’m pretty sure it’s more than one. He’s also a hell of a guy and it’s about damn time he joined the blogosphere.

It suddenly occurs to me to wonder, though, whether he is related to Jon Buell, director of the Foundation for Thought and Ethics, and publisher of Of Pandas and People?


  1. #1 OGeorge
    November 29, 2005

    Thanks for kind words Ed. I’m glad the name brings you a smile.

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