Dispatches from the Creation Wars

UC Lawsuit Documents

Allow me to express my enormous gratitude to Christopher Patti, legal counsel for the University of California. Not only did he see my blog post about the Caldwell suit and immediately email me the judge’s ruling in that case, he was also kind enough to send me two filings on the ACSI’s discrimination lawsuit against the UC that I’ve been dying to get my hands on. The ACSI, you may recall, has filed a suit because the UC refused to grant credit for a few courses taught at some Christian schools. In particular, they refused to recognize the validity of a high school science class that used a young earth creationist textbook.

I’ve uploaded two primary documents from that case. The first is the UC’s reply brief to the legal complaint. The second is the UC’s motion to dismiss, which was apparently too large to upload to ScienceBlogs, so I’ve uploaded it to my own domain. Both are in PDF format. I don’t have time to comment on them much at this point, but I’ll do so over the next couple days.