Dispatches from the Creation Wars

It’s a Boy

Just heard from my father that I am an uncle again. My younger brother Rick and his wife just had a baby boy. His name is Quin Ulrich Brayton. Don’t congratulate me, I had nothing to do with it. But I think it’s pretty cool.


  1. #1 FishyFred
    March 29, 2006

    Ulrich? Is your brother a Metallica fan?

    /Honestly the first thing that popped into my mind
    //Congrats to your bro!

  2. #2 Irrational Entity
    March 29, 2006

    Congradulate? I was going to express my sympathy for when they drop off the kiddies to go on their second honeymoon.

    But seriously, best wishes all around.

  3. #3 chrisberez
    March 30, 2006

    So does that mean whenever we address you in the comments from now on we can call you Uncle Ed? Or better yet, Uncie Ed?

  4. #4 Henry Neufeld
    March 30, 2006

    Congratulations! Uncle-hood is preferred to parenthood. 🙂

  5. #5 Ed Brayton
    March 30, 2006


    Considering I have about 25 nieces and nephews already, this one doesn’t really change much. I am the only one in my generation of the immediate family who has not reproduced. The father of perhaps the most adorable one comments here regularly as Treban.

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