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DI in the Dover Aftermath

The Seattle Times has an article about the Discovery Institute and its struggles in the wake of the Dover trial. Prompt the whining from the DI Media Complaints Division in 3…2…1.

The most interesting thing in the article, to me at least, was this statement about Bruce Chapman:

Chapman said he asked Discovery fellows not to testify in the Dover case. But Scott Minnich, a microbiologist, and Michael Behe, a biochemistry professor, did and were asked in court who they thought the designer was.

That actually answers a question that Wes and I had wondered about. We know that 3 DI fellows were withdrawn as witnesses before they were deposed (Dembski, Meyer, Campbell), but Minnich and Behe had already been deposed. We wondered if the DI had asked them not to testify as well, and this seems to indicate that they had. That makes it more likely, I think, that the issue of the three other DI fellows that got them withdrawn, the insistence on their own counsel, was probably invented specifically so they could avoid testifying.


  1. #1 dogscratcher
    April 26, 2006

    “”Dover is a disaster in a sense, as a public-relations matter,” said Bruce Chapman”

    Does the DI deal with any other kind of “matter?”

  2. #2 tacitus
    April 27, 2006

    And in response to the major setback handed to them at the Dover trial, the Discovery Institute has recently announced a vigorous plan of action to fully fund a wide range of Intelligent Design research projects in the biology departments of colleges and universities across the country…

    Yeah, right.

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