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Another Student Free Speech Case

And it’s on the same topic. In response to the Day of Silence, a group of religious right organizations sponsorded a “Day of Truth”, encouraging kids to speak out against homosexuality. At Mira Loma High School in California, a group of students staged an after school protest in response to the Day of Silence, wearing t-shirts that said “Homosexuality is Sin”. 13 students were suspended when they refused to take off the shirts. A suit will be filed, of course. Probably many suits, since the same thing happened at other schools. Thankfully, there is one voice of reason and it belongs to a student:

At Folsom High School Wednesday, expressions for and against the Day of Silence peacefully co-existed, said student Lance Chih, co-chair of the Sacramento Regional Gay Straight Alliance. Many students wore rainbow arm bands and Day of Silence shirts, while a few students wore T-shirts stating homosexuality is a sin, he said.

Chih wasn’t bothered by the open expression of homophobic messages, he said, because they weren’t violent or vulgar.

“If they’re stating their own belief that homosexuality is wrong, that’s not promoting hate or violence against us,” said Chih, 18. “If I want to promote my civil rights, I can’t tell another group of students that they can’t do it.”

Well said, young man. Well said.


  1. #1 bourgeois_rage
    April 28, 2006

    It’s good to see that some kids still get it. Even when some of the people educating them do not.

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