Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Jail Isiah!

Someone sent this link to me and it’s pretty funny – JailIsiah.com. Apparently some Knicks fans are getting might upset. But they’ve got the facts absolutely correct. When Thomas took over the Knicks in December 2003, they were a mediocre team with an $83 million payroll and were locked into several huge contracts with underachieving players. 2 1/2 years later, they’re now a terrible team with a $125 million payroll. And while he’s managed to pawn off every one of those awful long term contracts to other teams, he only did so by taking on still more awful long term contracts to players who don’t deserve them. And the free agent signings have been a disaster – huge contracts to lazy, out of shape centers like Jerome James and Eddy Curry. A roster full of shoot first (and second…and third) point guards with gigantic contracts. The Knicks were in terrible shape in 2003. That he has actually managed to make them not only worse, but significantly worse, is a truly staggering achievement.