Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Home again, Home Again

I have returned home from a day of baking in the hot sun to watch my best friend’s kids play baseball and softball. It was blisteringly hot and I just scrubbed off the shell of sunscreen and sweat that had accumulated on my during the course of the day. But a good time was had by all. I also got to stop in at one of my favorite old haunts and was happy to see it was still there. I’ve spent many an hour in the Avalon Bookshop, a tiny little used book store in the town I grew up in. The place doesn’t even have a real sign outside, just a paper one taped to the window. It’s run by this old guy with a beard who is always listening to Celtic music and rarely speaks, even to his customers. It made me happy to know it’s still there and I bought a couple books too.


  1. #1 dogmeatIB
    May 28, 2006

    Heh heh, sounds like you had a good day. My wife and I had (yesterday now) as well. We drove her father back to the airport, he was in for our daughter’s graduation, so to give her something to think about we played hookie. Instead of going to an investment property that we’re rehabbing, we went for a walk in the mall, then went miniature golfing. But it wasn’t that hot here, only 92 here in Tucson. ;o)

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