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This just occured to me. I’ve made the argument that HR 2679, which would eliminate fee reimbursement for the winning side in establishment clause cases, is really just an attempt to hobble the competition because they can’t beat them in court. In case after case, starting with mandatory bible reading and prayer in schools to teaching creationism, the religious right keeps losing in court and they don’t like it. So since they can’t win in court, they want to take away the ability of the opposition to get to court at all. I think we should call this the Tonya Harding Strategy – she couldn’t beat Nancy Kerrigan, so she tried to hobble her on the way to the arena. We can cast the STACLU crowd in the relevant parts. Kender can be Jeff Gillooly and Gribbit has to be Shane Stant, the slack-jawed moron who actually swung the pipe, and Jay can be Shawn Eckardt.


  1. #1 skipevans
    June 28, 2006

    What are the chances this silly thing could pass? Seems to be it is so obvious and absurd on its face that the congress would be ashamed of itself to move it forward… but then again one never knows.

  2. #2 Rev. BigDumbChimp
    June 28, 2006

    I don’t like the implication. The thought of you or say Nick Matzke bent over in the concourse holding your brain sobbing WHY…WHY…..WHYYYYYYYYYYYY is just a little too disturbing.

  3. #3 bourgeois_rage
    June 28, 2006

    The Wedge Strategy didn’t work.
    The Vice Strategy didn’t work.
    Is there any hope for the Harding Strategy?

  4. #4 Ed Brayton
    June 28, 2006

    skipevans wrote:

    What are the chances this silly thing could pass? Seems to be it is so obvious and absurd on its face that the congress would be ashamed of itself to move it forward… but then again one never knows.

    I think it has a fair chance of passing the House, where it has 50 sponsors at this point. No one in the Senate has stepped forward to sponsor the bill, but I expect that someone like Cornyn or Brownback will do so at some point. I think the chances of it passing the Senate are slim.

  5. #5 SkookumPlanet
    June 28, 2006

    Months ago I lost the will to wade through anything BS and crew put up…whoops. I mean DS and crew.

    Freudian slip. That’s my point. With some effort one could simply write a template and send it over to them ….like the one that popped up in the blogosphere last week for journalists to do stories about Dub’s latest secret spying.

    A template would work because it’s the same post over and over and over and over and over — The Post. Eventually all the makeup and jewelry and costumes and other distractions can’t hide the same corpse of an argument underneath. For awhile I could tick off the potential elements of The Post in my sleep, before I stopped going there.

    Here are a few I remember. God is good. Don’t bother us with details. So what if you’re smarter, God likes us better. Democracy only counts for us. The Bible is universal science text, law book, shop manual, cookbook, etc. We don’t have to think because we’re right. Screw your civil rights, we don’t believe in civil rights. Screw all your rights, we don’t believe in those either. Hey Dembski, which “War on What” is it this month? I forgot again.

    There are more but my memory is thankfully fading…..oh, yeah. Constitution? Oh, you mean that piece of paper. Fuck the Constitution. We don’t need no stinkin’ piece of paper, we’ve got a whole book.

    And when BS, er, DS would really loose it there would be this one. Why you little …… just wait until we take over.

    It got so predictable and boring, I’d have little bets with myself, trying to guess what the mix of these would be in the current post. So, if someone gave them a template they could just post that repeatedly.

    Oh, jeez Ed, I didn’t think about you. You’d have to find some other BS, er, DS. Wow, you’d be losing some productive BS — DS!, DS, DS, DS! Sorry, I shouldn’t be suggesting a template.

    Wait. It’s 2006. This is the blogosphere There’s rightwing BS everywhere! Go ahead, give ’em a template. You can always google “rightwing BS” if DS [got it!] BS dries up. Problem solved.

    [Serious note — Not silly. Failed strategies can build market share, pre-adapt minds, position products.]

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