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John Lofton on Lynne Cheney

Okay, this is just hilarious. A reader left a link to this and I had to move it up here. It’s John Lofton on the Daily Show, being interviewed by Stephen Colbert about a children’s book written by Lynne Cheney. I love the distinction he makes between “ultraconservatives” (like Lynne Cheney) and “oh my god I can’t believe he said that” conservatives (like Lofton).


  1. #1 Kele
    July 1, 2006

    What made/makes Lofton so angry?

  2. #2 CaptainMike
    July 1, 2006

    Lofton is nuts, just plain nuts. But he has lost weight since he debated Frank Zappa in 1986.

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