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Florence King vs Ann Coulter

Florence King, longtime National Review contributor and one of my all time favorite writers, has unsheathed her tongue and taking a lashing to Ann Coulter. It’s a joy to behold. I like this paragraph in particular:

At her best, Coulter writes well, but the chief source of her success is that she is a perfect match for the American ideal: smart as a whip but dumb as a post, educated but not learned, sexy but not sensuous, all at the same time. She would not hesitate to choose a sledgehammer over a stiletto because her instincts would pull her back from what the 18th century called “demolishing your enemies without raising your voice.” She would know that if a writer uses a stiletto, a lot of people might not get the point, but they would definitely get the loftiness that accompanies irony and understatement. And so, knowing that being called an elitist spells ruin, she opted for a sledgehammer and raised the roof instead.

King compares her to Dorothy Parker and, unsurprisingly, finds her falling short by a wide margin.


  1. #1 Jay
    July 28, 2006

    Link here.

  2. #2 llDayo
    July 28, 2006

    I wouldn’t call Coulter sexy OR sensuous!

  3. #3 Daniel DiRito
    July 28, 2006

    See a tongue-in-cheek visual that brings some closure to Ann’s latest fascination with Bill Clinton…here:


    and a tongue-in-cheek visual of the new war on terror…here:


  4. #4 Lettuce
    July 28, 2006


    The part quoted seems to take for granted that Ann Coulter has something to say that’s worth listening to, but the form is bad.

    That would be false.

    Al Gore, “totally gay”. There appears to be nothing this mentally ill person can do that will cause her friends to stage an intervention, her enablers to blanche or the major media to stop treating her like a serious contributor to society.

  5. #5 Leni
    July 28, 2006

    Lettuce wrote:


    I agree. I was hoping for more blood.

    Jokes aside, King is being entirely too kind. Of course, I didn’t read any more than this quote, but I wouldn’t call Coulter sexy either. She is a freaking ghoul.

    Have you heard her voice? She sounds like Ted Kennedy two days into a sex change.

    And I wouldn’t call her a good writer either.

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