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Moonies Attack Newspaper

John Gorenfeld reports that 700 Moonies in South Korea attacked a newspaper after the paper printed unflattering reports of the cult’s activities. They smashed the front windows of the building, destroyed computers and other fixtures in the building, then sent some 200 text messages to the reporter who wrote the story telling him they were going to kill him. And this from an organization that owns newspapers all over the world, including the Washington Times in the US.


  1. #1 Susan Brassfield Cogan
    August 25, 2006

    Well, that’s ONE way of keeping unflatering things out of the media. It’s a really LOUSY way in that not only doesn’t work, but makes them look like a bunch of homicidal maniacs, but it’s one way of going about it.

    Speaking of religious loonies, I heard on NPR this morning that Tom Cruise’s ass has been canned.

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