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WSOP Champion Interviewed

This post contains spoilers. Read at your own risk.

And it’s pretty funny. The guy who won the main event this year, Jamie Gold, is making quite an ass of himself in the aftermath of his win. Paul Phillips links to this interview with him where he seems to think that he invented a whole new way of playing poker. Paul writes:

I love it how every time someone wins a big tournament he thinks he’s invented a dozen new poker tricks. Limping with a big hand on the button? It’s unheard of! Playing more than 5% of your hands? Groundbreaking! Telling the truth about your hand while it’s in progress? Nobody ever does that! I do like that he thinks you’re only “supposed” to play 5% of your hands. If I can just line up seven more guys like that I’ll win 60% of the pots uncontested. Man, this game is easy.

Hilarious. And accurate. This guy just goes on and on and on about how brilliantly he played. He brags about how fast he could count when he was 2 years old. You listen to Greg Raymer talk about tournament poker and he has a very realistic view of his success. He understands that luck is a big part of the game and that winning a big tournament doesn’t make him the greatest player ever to tickle the felt. He goes on and on about how he played so brilliantly that Johnny Chan kept telling him that he had nothing to teach him. Hysterical.