Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Amusing Poker Story

So last night I’m playing in a satellite at Poker Stars, trying to win a seat in their Sunday Million tournament (which I did, by the way, but I unregistered and took the tournament cash instead because I’ll be out of town on Sunday). It’s a rebuy tournament and I’m at the table with this guy whose brilliant strategy is to go all in virtually every hand and then rebuy when he loses. He must have rebought at least 20 times during the rebuy period (the first 30 minutes). He finally won a hand and doubled up just before the end of the rebuy period and was sitting at about 4500 chips.

After a 5 minute break, we came back and the very first hand he announces, “I’m gonna double up on the first hand so I can go take a nap and coast to the top 18” (the top 18 places qualified for the million dollar tournament, so he thought he could just mark himself away and get blinded off and still make it in; that was a fantasy, it would take several double ups to do that). I’m in the big blind with A8 suited, he’s on the button. He doubles the blinds, I call. Flop comes A33. I check, he goes all in, I call. He has garbage, of course. The turn is another A. “Sleep well,” I typed.


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