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Jamie Gold Loses Important Court Battle

The lawsuit over half of Jamie Gold’s $12 million prize from the World Series of Poker main event is not yet settled, but Gold lost what should be a crucial argument this week. He filed a motion to lift the freeze the $6 million that was previously ordered to stay at the Rio pending outcome of the case, but the judge rejected that motion and had some clear words for Gold that show how weak his case is likely to be when it gets to a full hearing:

Hunt said he had concerns Gold would turn over the money to plaintiff Bruce Crispin Leyser if Leyser were to win his case.

“His actions, in the court’s view, do not give the plaintiff much assurance that the money would, in fact, be available in the event of a judgment in his favor,” Hunt said.

“The likelihood of success weighs on the side of the plaintiff,” he said.

Time to give up the suit and pay the man his money before it costs you more in legal bills, Jamie.


  1. #1 Mark C
    December 23, 2006

    Jamie Gold is a greedy little welcher who deserves everything that happens to him. If it hasn’t happened already, it’s going to cost him more in lost deals than it would have if he’d just kept his end of the bargain. The truth is his name is mud and he’ll be lucky if he can get into a low limit game at the local casino.

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