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More Frosty Hardiman

Remember that parent who objected to having Gore’s film about global warming shown in school? I don’t care how you feel about the issue and whether that film should be shown, but this guy is a real piece of work. Even if you think the film should not be shown (and I think there are valid reasons for thinking that), you have to laugh at idiotic statements like this:

“No you will not teach or show that propagandist Al Gore video to my child, blaming our nation — the greatest nation ever to exist on this planet — for global warming,” Hardiman wrote in an e-mail to the Federal Way School Board. The 43-year-old computer consultant is an evangelical Christian who says he believes that a warming planet is “one of the signs” of Jesus Christ’s imminent return for Judgment Day.

This is the last guy a school board should be listening to.


  1. #1 Raging Bee
    January 26, 2007

    So, if we implement an effective policy to stop, and maybe roll back, global warming, we can force Jesus to postpone the Second Coming, maybe indefinitely? I’ll bet Jesus is really pissed that this wacko just revealed his big weakness.

    All-powerful my ass — I’m stickin’ with Odin! He can kick ass anytime he wants to, without having to wait for a weather report.

  2. #2 Raging Bee
    January 26, 2007

    “More Frosty Hardiman” sounds like a title for a really cheezy porn sequel, possibly involving ice cream.

  3. #3 quitter
    January 26, 2007

    It’s tiresome that one denialist can disrupt the curriculum of an entire district. The rewarding thing though is how the parents in the district realized just how to argue about it, pointing out that there isn’t really any difference between this kind of denial of the truth and denial of evolution, the holocaust, HIV/AIDs denialism, etc. One (or a few) jackasses shouldn’t have this much control over a curriculum and I’m glad the other parents fought back.

  4. #4 kemibe
    January 26, 2007

    Hardiman may have been the one to get the shitball rolling here, but the Larson creature on the school board is the one who keeps booting up it up the field. Come on — does this guy really have anything on a Young Earth Creationist who rejects and roots for global warming at the same time?

    “The Holocaust happened,” Larson said. “We have evidence and photos. The difference between the Holocaust and the global warming is we don’t have photos of what will happen 50 years from now.”

    I used to marvel at how throbbing simpletons like this character could wind up on school boards, but then I realized that I’ve never known anyone who even wanted to serve on such a body, much less actually did so. Human dildos seem to have a particular tropism for gaining these seats, perhaps for the simple reason that there’s traditionaly little competition. Hell, when I was 27 years old I worked with a 17-year-old whose mom, who was a school board member, thought it would be a great idea if I became especially close to her inexplicably crush-stricken daughter. Even parents of adults have known better than to hope for that for years. God damn.

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