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A Taste of Vinx

I’ve been encouraging my friend Vinx, the amazingly talented singer I’ve been fortunate enough to get to know over the last 15 years, to put some video footage of himself on Youtube for a while now, but he’s in the midst of changing management. I may just go ahead and see if I can put some up myself. But I did find a video on the web that features some musical performances from him, interspersed with some interview footage of him talking about his home in McRae, Georgia. He moved down there from Los Angeles a couple years ago, after buying an old home there. He has set up his studio there and is using it to host songwriter’s and artist’s retreats (he’s hosting one next month, in fact). He also bought a theater in the town and is helping revive the downtown area and make it something special. No one who knows him is surprised by this. Anyway, below the fold is the video. I hope you enjoy it.

Note: I had initially put some detail in the post from memory of a story told long before I wrote it and my memory may well have been mistaken. That has caused some controversy and I’ve removed it. I want to note that Vinx has always said, as he does in the video above, that the people of McRae are wonderful and have embraced him and treated him well and he loves it there.


  1. #1 twincats
    January 30, 2007

    A great talent with a big heart!

    I think good way to start what Vinx wants to do with downtown McRae is to have a yearly festival. I have relatives in Denison, Iowa where they have had a Donna Reed festival every summer. They have films and workshops and even attract a few celebrities. It stimulated businesses like the old movie theatre, a soda fountain and a few bed & breakfasts. Not to mention my aunt’s antique shop! Great things that benefit the residents.

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