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Pat Robertson is the Mayor of Moscow?

It sure sounds like it:

Moscow’s mayor vowed Monday never to allow a gay rights parade, calling such events “satanic,” but activists said they would defy a city ban to hold what would be the Russian capital’s first gay rights parade.

Yury Luzhkov and city authorities had barred activists from staging a parade last year, citing the threat of violence. Activists ignored the ban and were pummeled by right-wing protesters and detained by police.

Note that the gay rights folks were detained by police, not the thugs who assaulted them.


  1. #1 konrad_arflane
    January 31, 2007

    I happened to be in Moscow in December of last year, on the day of an anti-government demonstration. The ratio of police/MP personnel to protesters was approximately 2 to 1. I’m sure it is within the power of the establishment to ensure that a gay parade proceeds peacefully. That doesn’t mean they will do so, of course.

  2. #2 raj
    January 31, 2007

    Pat Robertson probably wouldn’t go to Moscow. There aren’t any diamonds there. Charles Taylor (former dictator of Liberia) is more Robertson’s speed.

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