Dispatches from the Creation Wars

A Sincere Plea for Help

I am writing this in the hope that the generosity that my readers have shown to me over the last 3 years will show itself again for someone I care about. I have a friend who is in dire need of medical equipment that her insurance will not pay for and she cannot afford to buy on her own. Her friends are trying to find ways to help her and have put up this webpage to solicit donations; the details of the medical problem and the equipment that she needs are on that page. Connie is a brittle diabetic, which means her blood sugar fluctuates wildly. I’ve seen it go up or down 500 points or more in half an hour, the swings are that extreme. Her doctors have said that if she does not have an insulin pump with continual monitoring, which will adjust her insulin level every 5 minutes, she will not likely live another 5 years. Connie has two daughters who are very dear to me as well, one of whom will not even be out of high school in 5 years. Connie has known for a long time that she would not likely live to an old age, but she at least wants to be able to see her girls grow up and become adults; I want that as well.

I’m asking my readers to follow the link and make a donation on my behalf. If you’ve appreciated the things that I’ve written, if you value the sense of community that has developed around this blog, I ask that you express that appreciation by helping me help someone I care about. I have thousands of readers who have been very generous to me. It won’t take much. If even 1/3 of you give just a dollar or two, it could be the difference between Connie seeing her daughters grow up and dying far too soon. You don’t even have to give any money directly if you don’t want to. If you plan to buy anything from Amazon.com now or in the future, just go to that page and use the link to Amazon that you find there; that will send a small portion of what you buy to them, which will also help fill this need. Thank you for your consideration and, in advance, for your generosity. Here’s the link again.

P.S. I’m closing the comments on this post. I don’t really need to know who helped and who didn’t, it’s not about that. Just be as generous as you can afford to be and you will have helped me by helping Connie, her husband and her two children have a longer, healthier life together.

P.P.S. One more thing. If you don’t have a paypal account or don’t want to use such means but still want to help out, please email me and we can make whatever arrangement is necessary.