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Farrakhan and the Rev. Moon

Bartholomew has a post about a recent speech by Louis Farrakhan where he went off on a tirade about the Illuminati and those dastardly Jews.

…One of the methods Satan uses in casting first is by reproducing himself or herself, through the creation of “dumb devils,” whom Satan hides behind and uses to carry out wicked deeds. At this point is where the group of wise persons, known as The Illuminati, was mentioned.

The Illuminati, the Minister explained, is a secret society that was established in the late 18th Century in Europe, which is comprised largely today of the richest people in the world–international bankers who control mainstream media, the work force, educational systems, companies, banks, energy supplies and governments…

He also delved into the significance of the year 1913, when the Defamation League [sic] of B’nai B’rith and the FBI were formed, as well as Congress’ passing of the Federal Reserve Act which legalized international bankers to print money.

Fairly standard issue conspiracy mongering of the type we often hear from some of the loonier libertarians. But he also points out the wide range of representatives from other fringe groups that attended the speech:

Numerous ministers from across the Nation of Islam traveled to Chicago, and among the other dignitaries present to show their support were, Women of the Millions More Movement committee member, Julie Santos, a community activist based in Chicago; Bishop Ki Hoon Kim of the Unification Church under Rev. Sun Myung Moon; Mikhael Ben Yehuda of the Hebrew Israelite Nation; Martin E. Sanchez, Consul General of Venezuela in Chicago; and Jamaican reggae artists Luciano, Mikey General and Anthony Gadd.

That a Moonie official attended is not a big surprise. My colleague at Talk2Action, Frederick Clarkson, wrote an article for Salon.com back in 2000 about the many links between Moon and Farrakhan.

The two aging demagogues — one the leader of the Unification Church and the other the African-American head of the Nation of Islam — are collaborating on the sequel to Farrakhan’s wildly successful Million Man March — the Million Family March, scheduled for Oct. 16 in Washington.

The march’s piece de resistance will be a spectacular ceremony in which Farrakhan will renew the vows of thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of married couples — modeled after the mass marriage ceremonies led by Moon for the past 30 years.

“This reflects the ways Rev. Moon has influenced Minister Farrakhan,” explained Rev. Phil Schanker, an official of Moon’s Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU).

Schanker says that Moon’s role in the Million Family March is the fruit of a three-year personal relationship that began when Farrakhan helped officiate at one of Moon’s marriage ceremonies at Washington’s RFK Stadium in 1997. Though Moon may not address the march himself for what Schanker describes as “security reasons,” internal FFWPU memos posted on a church Web site state that Moon, who turned 80 in February, decided to back the event after learning from his aides “of Minister Farrakhan’s personal desire to ask him to bless all the families at the MFM.”

Moon has gone on to expand his influence in the black community as well, buying off ministers around the country with expensive gifts to get them on board with him.


  1. #1 Colugo
    April 2, 2007

    NOI’s friends: Moonies, Sudanese government, Al Sharpton …

    Omar Bashir, dictator of genocidalist Sudan, teleconferences with NOI on 2/23/07; NOI supports Sudanese regime

    Al Sharpton calls for unity, praises Farrakhan on 2/24/07

  2. #2 Colugo
    April 2, 2007

    More on Sudanese dictator Omar Bashir’s address to the NOI at its annual conference

  3. #3 Alejandro
    April 2, 2007

    Ok, the illuminati thing sounds loony on its face. The thing is though, you don’t ever really know one way or another. But you might as well treat it as untrue, because what could you do about it if it were true? Who cares?

    Now, the Federal Reserve/IRS thing is right there in front of your face. It’s not this huge secret. It’s blatantly right out there in the open, but what can you or I do about it? Jack shit.

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