Dispatches from the Creation Wars

I’m sure most of you have seen this by now. Steve Reuland initially reported what little was in the newspaper, that biologists at the University of Colorado had received threatening letters and emails from some nut. Rob Crowther immediately put his foot in his mouth at the DI blog, claiming that the biologists had lied to the police and claiming that whoever did it isn’t a creationist and isn’t religious at all. Turns out he was wrong. Matt Young secured the actual texts of several emails from a Messianic Jew (aka a Christian) with some bizarre rants about Darwinism that could have come right out of the Wedge Document, along with lots of violent imagery and implied threats.

The guy who sent the emails is clearly unhinged. He calls evolution “Darwinian filth” and says that he is preparing to sue the biologists for child abuse for teaching it (perhaps he can get Larry Fafarman to represent him; he is, after all, an unrecognized legal genius and this is just the sort of cockamamie legal theory he would come up with). He says things like this:

indeed i charge you and your devilutionist colleagues with being the source of every imaginable evil in our society: drugs, crime, prostitution, corruption, war, abortion, death, for the simple reason that you, the supposed elite of academia, teach our children that life has no higher purpose, value, or meaning.

i charge you with being a murderer of souls.

if you think i am joking, just wait till we meet in court.

It’s really not so different than the kind of silly rhetoric the DI folks shovel out about how “Darwinism” makes life meaningless and causes every bad thing from Naziism to Communism to sexual promiscuity. Now here’s the real question: will Crowther retract his comments? Or will his post just disappear down the memory hole?

P.S. I should probably address yet another idiotic and dishonest comment by the terminally inebriated and genuinely thuggish Gary Hurd. He wrote:

Robert Crowther has several allies on the Panda’s Thumb crew regarding Mirecki, Ed Brayton leads that particular pack. Since there is no suggestion the U. of Colorado faculty are all liberals, maybe Ed will believe this event happened.

There’s not an honest word in any of this. I never doubted that Mirecki was beat up. I said then that we really have no idea who beat him up or why; we still don’t. The guys who did it were never caught. Ironically, it was Gary Hurd who went off on flights of fancy about Mirecki being allegedly beaten up by the cops, allegations that remain as loopy today as they were when he argued for them a year and a half ago. The difference between that case and this one should be obvious to any rational person: we have all the evidence. We have the emails. We have identified the nut who sent them and his motivation for doing so (that hasn’t been revealed publicly yet, but we do know it and so do the police). That’s more than enough for me.

And what on earth the statement that Colorado faculty are not all liberals has to do with anything at all is a mystery that perhaps could only be answered in a fit of sobriety, as unlikely as that may be. Oh, and one more bit of irony: it was none other than Gary Hurd, the guy who falsely claimed that I’m too soft on violent thugs, who kindly invited me to his house so he could kick my ass and who justified his expertise in black eyes by referring to his long history of getting in bar fights. Then again, that was probably the alcohol talking. Crawl back under your rock, Gary; you’re as full of shit now as you were then.