Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Ebert and Coulter At the Movies

Roger Ebert has a parody – I think – of a typical Ann Coulter interview on his website. I say “I think” because Coulter is such a self-parody that it’s difficult to tell sometimes. A sample:

ANN: Good idea. For example, what should they do with their illegitimate children? Of course the word “illegitimate” is a no-no for the liberals. They think it’s Politically Incorrect. I suppose they’d like us to go back to calling them bastards. I think it’s terrible, for liberals to call wonderful young people like these bastards.

STUDENT: But nobody has called us bastards.

ANN (arranges pony tail over right shoulder): You have Dick Cheney to thank for that.

On a related note, I watched Bill O’Reilly foaming at the mouth Monday night about “hate sites” like DailyKos and how the left is so filled with hatred. Bill, Bill, Bill…no one who has Ann Coulter on his show as regularly as the Green Grocer has any credibility in pointing out anyone else’s hatefulness. I think your falafel got stuck in your hypocrisy meter.