Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Perfect Kos Response to O’Reilly

Hunter at DailyKos has a perfect reply to Bill O’Reilly’s ridiculous blathering about that site, comparing them to the Nazis and the KKK. I especially like this part:

But now I am feeling guilty. After receiving as many as five concerned emails from your dozens of adoring fans, I have come to a heartfelt conclusion — I must sell my cherished Peabody Peabody, and use the proceeds to help your fans buy themselves some lowercase letters. Seeing an entire class of individuals so cruelly afflicted, having to make do with uppercase letters and exclamation points when there is a whole world of glyphs and punctuations waiting nearly at their doorsteps, cold and trembling and nuanced — it is too much. I am not the kind of monster who can ignore such heartfelt, if badly spelled, pleas.

O’Reilly is certainly correct that there are a lot of idiots posting material at DK; after all, there are thousands and thousands of people posting there, far too many to possibly police. But there are just as many idiots posting at O’Reilly’s site, and that’s a membership site that could certainly control its content more easily. Pure hypocrisy from O’Reilly – as usual.