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Folger’s Flunky Responds

I sent a link to my post about Janet Folger’s anti-gay lies to the contact email from her group, Faith2Action. I got a response from their communications director, Ross Conley. I think you’ll find it as interesting as I do. I’ll reprint the full email below the fold, along with my response:

Mr. Ed Brayton,

The reference to Dr. E. Fields was found on an internet search for statistics on public sex. Such a reference can be found on a number of websites, including this FreeRepublic article. We honestly had no idea that this E. Fields was the same man who holds such racist views. A Google or Yahoo search on “Dr. E. Fields” shows nothing.

However, if we are going to use such a standard to reject any research by a person who holds racist views, we had better all stop quoting men such as Charles Darwin and Karl Marx. Both held extremely racist views, as any internet search with their names and the word “racist” will show. A number of sites also suggest that Dr. Alfred Kinsey was a racist, despising both African-Americans and Jews.

Most Christians do not want to see homosexuals locked up or arrested. We don’t want to be exposed (or even worse have children exposed) to things that should never occur in public – by heterosexuals or homosexuals. Public restrooms are not the place for sex of any kind. I think that it’s awful that families have to avoid restrooms and other places because of such activity. It is also extremely sad that our society has degenerated to a place that such subjects even need to be discussed.

Ross Conley
Communication Director

I think the fact that they used a source they had never heard of, and knew nothing about, is quite telling; clearly there’s a reason why this group is not called Reason2Action. I think it’s even more interesting that even after getting caught citing one bizarre fringe source for statistics, the link they provide is to an article from yet another bizarre fringe group, Catholic Apologetics International.

CAI is a weird little offshoot of the Catholic Church run by Robert Sungenis. Sungenis is an uber-Catholic who acts like some of the more idiotic Protestants – in particular, with his support for geocentrism. Yes, that’s right kids, he thinks Galileo and Copernicus were wrong. Let’s roll back the clock to the middle ages, when the Catholic Church ruled the world with an iron fist; welcome to Robert Sungenis’ wet dream.

Had Conley just stopped there and said “hey, we didn’t know who it was, we won’t use that citation again”, one could perhaps have cut them some slack. But he then goes on to justify it by saying that Darwin and Marx were racists too, apparently oblivious to the obvious differences between Victorian times and modern day. To compare a mildly racist person who was actually quite liberal on the issue at the time with someone in modern times who is a member of the KKK and neo-Nazi groups is patently absurd.

Darwin, of course, was actually quite enlightened on racial issues compared to the civilization and times he lived in. He was an outspoken opponent of slavery, for example, at a time when most people still thought slavery was the natural order of things. Indeed, he was far more enlightened on this question than his creationist counterparts in the United States.

The whole world was racist back then, or at least the large majority of it. Even those who opposed slavery in the staunchest terms could hardly bring themselves to believe that the races were actually equal. What changed that? Science, of course, particularly biology. The data makes clear that there are no extent subspecies of Homo sapiens, that we are all one species, all equally “evolved.”

Science has shattered the myth of racial division over the last 150 years. Racism lives on primarily in fringe religious groups like the KKK. One need only look at the essay by “Dr” E Fields that I linked to, where he makes an explicitly Biblical argument against “race mixing.” Had they done just a tiny bit of research they would have known that they were citing a man who has retained his ancient religious biases despite 150 years of science showing them wrong; that might even serve as a lesson for them. These are the things you learn when you actually do some research rather than blindly citing people you’ve never heard of.

I also find it fascinating that they don’t bother to address the blatant lies in Folger’s column. No mention at all of her lie that the library was going to make gay porn available to kids, or of the even bigger lie that the city council was taking regular books out of the library to make room for the gay porn for the kids to read. No mention of her lie about the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force trying to make it legal for them to have sex in public parks in front of your kids. No attempt to defend those lies or explain them away. Speaks volumes, doesn’t it?