Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Youtube Gems: One Hit Wonders

Okay, let’s do some one hit wonders, some of my favorite songs from bands that were never heard from again. The first one is Not An Addict by K’s Choice. I’ll post both the actual video and a good live performance of it. I’ve never gotten tired of this song; for some reason I find it haunting. I also think the singer is really attractive. First the live version:

Now the actual video for the song:

Here’s another song I’ve never gotten tired of, David and David’s Welcome to the Boomtown. A totally unique song.

One of the more infamous one hit wonders, Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians, What I Am. Still a great song.

Here’s a great song. I used to love this band. Saga – On the Loose. Can’t find the video, but here’s a pretty good live clip of it:

This is one of my favorite bands. They’ve been big in Canada for a long time but have only really had one hit in the US and it’s this one: New Orleans is Sinking. This video is not the one that went with the song, which was recorded years before the hurricane:

While I’m at it, a couple more songs from the Tragically Hip. Here’s Blow at High Dough:

I’d forgotten completely about this one. The band is Moving Pictures, the song is What About Me:

God I loved this song when it came out. Had the cassette too. Big Country, In a Big Country:

Remember The Firm? This band formed after John Bonham’s death and the breakup of Led Zeppelin. Jimmy Page joined with Paul Rodgers from Bad Company and they put out a great album. Here’s the best song they did, All the King’s Horses:

This is Beats So Lonely by Charlie Sexton. This guy was a really good guitarist and he went on to form the Arcangels with Doyle Bramhall and still plays in some great blues rock bands:

Shawn Mullins – Lullabye