Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Folger Responds

Janet Folger has an addendum to her column that cited neo-Nazi “Dr E Fields”. Full text of the addendum below the fold, along with a response:

Special note: In the original version of this column, there was a sentence where I referred to some research conducted by a Dr. E. Fields.

It has come to our attention that Dr. Fields subscribes to a number of racist views of which our Faith2Action ministry was unaware. The research had been previously cited by some seemingly unchallenged sources, which I’m sure were also unaware of his racist views and writings.

We sincerely apologize for this mistake. As Christians, we disavow all racism as sinful and would never knowingly promote an advocate of racism.

Faith2Action maintains that the problem of sex in public restrooms is a very serious one that Fort Lauderdale and other cities have every right and duty to confront. In the future, however, we will not refer to any research by Dr. Fields.

We will continue to alert the nation to this reckless, immoral behavior that puts families, children and unknowing spouses at risk.

Interesting that she doesn’t bother to respond to the other criticisms I made. She cares that she was associated with a racist and sees fit to respond to that, but doesn’t care about the multiple blatant lies she told in her column. The facts are that the Stonewall Library collection will not be part of the public library in Ft. Lauderdale, will not be anywhere children will even know of its existence, much less have access to it, and the city council did not remove any material from the library to make room for that collection. She has been informed directly of those facts, with full documentation of them, yet those lies are still in her column. I think that speaks volumes – the truth doesn’t matter, only the perception that she might be associated with a racist matters.