Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Youtube Gems: Rainbow/Deep Purple

In 1974, Deep Purple guitarist Richie Blackmore left Deep Purple and formed Rainbow; those two bands would swap members back and forth for a long time after that. The singer was Ronnie James Dio, who would later go on to join Black Sabbath, replacing Ozzy Ozbourne. Ironically, Ian Gillen, the original lead singer of Deep Purple, who had left that band in 1973, leading to David Coverdale taking over, in turn leading to Blackmore leaving and forming Rainbow, would also sing for Black Sabbath for a year. Bassist Ray Glover would also go back and forth from Deep Purple to Rainbow and back again, as did drummer Cozy Powell. Add in different leader singers, like Joe Lynn Turner and Ray Gillen along the way, and you have a series of different lineups and a bunch of great music. Some of my favorites below the fold.

I’m not gonna do the obvious old Deep Purple tracks like Highway Star or Smoke on the Water. Here’s one from the mid 80s when the original lineup got back together, one of their best songs – Perfect Strangers:

Here’s the first version of Rainbow with Ronnie James Dio doing Man on the Silver Mountain live:

Here’s Rainbow’s second hit, with their third lead singer, Joe Lynn Turner – Stone Cold:

Here’s the video for Street of Dreams, also with Turner singing: