Dispatches from the Creation Wars

More Hindu Prayers

This time in the California State Senate, the same invocation offered by the same Hindu chaplain – and the same absurd reaction from the Christian right.

Tim Wildmon, president of the American Family Association, told the San Francisco Chronicle that it remains a mystery to whom Zed was praying.

“I don’t know if he even knows who he’s praying to,” he said. “We’re not opposed to the ability of people to worship their own gods or god, but when it comes to our civil government … it’s always been the recognition of the God of the Bible. Every religion is not equal. That’s my belief. That’s logic.”

No Tim, that’s not logic at all. You, of course, are free to believe that only your religion is true and all others are false. The government, on the other hand, cannot take any position on the matter at all. I know this will come as a shock to you, but the government doesn’t represent only you and you fellow Christians. The government represents all of our citizens of every single faith or of no faith at all and it has no business taking a position on which of those beliefs is true or false.

The article also cites some silliness by David Barton:

When Zed appeared before the U.S. Senate, David Barton, president of WallBuilders, a foundation that researches and promotes the Christian origination of American law and culture, said the Hindu belief in multiple gods contradicts the U.S. motto of “One Nation Under God.”

He said it also conflicts with the historic references in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence to the Creator. “We don’t know which creator we’re talking about within the Hindu religion,” he said.

Hilarious. The Declaration was written by a man who believed in a very different “creator” than Barton. Remember, Jefferson explicitly condemned the Old Testament God as “cruel, capricious, vindictive and unjust” and rejected the notion that Jesus was divine or part of any trinity. Barton’s views differ at least as much from Jefferson’s as they do from the Hindu chaplain.

And what article on this subject would be complete without the obligatory “my god is now going to beat you up for this” declarations?

On a news site forum, Bob Coffey called for prayer for the apostasy of the United States.

“Any ‘Christian’ who supports this blasphemy needs to read the Old Testament (For you liberal pseudo-Christians – it’s in the front of the Bible.) and find out what happened to Israel & Judah when they allowed the filthy worship of foreign gods in their nations,” he said.

“I have been reading the Old Testament lately, and what I see repeated over and over is Israel doing just what the Senate is doing with this. Reaching out to pagan [gods] to appease people is like telling God He is no longer worthy of our praise and worship. In each instance, God brought His wrath on Israel,” added Karen.

I’ve got news for you, Karen. If your god destroys people and nations for believing in other gods, he’s not worthy of praise and worship.