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What Are You, Some Kinda Bilingual?

You have to love the utter stupidity of the nativist crowd. I can certainly understand the need to do something about illegal immigration; there are areas of the country with serious, undeniable problems as a result of illegal immigration. Personally, I’m all for converting the illegal immigrants we have here to legal immigrants as quickly as possible so that we can A) track who they are and where they are and B) tax their earnings so they contribute to the system rather than just draining it.

By “nativist” I do not mean those who want to do something to fix the illegal immigration problem; rather, I mean those who really do just hate the notion that other nationalities – especially dark-skinned people – are allowed to come here at all. And they especially hate it when those dark-skinned people dare to try and maintain anything of their cultural traditions, including the language.

Take a look at this story from the Worldnutdaily for an example of the kind of idiots I’m referring to. A car dealership in South Florida, where there is a huge Latino community, mostly Cuban and Dominican, put an amusing commercial on the air making fun of the fact that he can’t speak Spanish, but promising that he has employees who do. For this horrible crime of trying to reach a large segment of the market he advertises to, the man is being accused of “destroying America.”

One WND reader who saw the commercial said, “The whole issue is that this is America and Spanish ads should not be running on English TV stations, period. We are not a bilingual country. Run them on the Spanish stations, no problem. But Spanish ads thrown in with English programming – he’s got [testicular fortitude] and so do the stations that allow them to run.”

Like most Worldnetdaily readers, this one appears to be an idiot. Seriously, if you were bothered by someone putting out a commercial in Spanish, shouldn’t it bother you even more that there are whole stations broadcasting in Spanish? After all “this is America” right? If you’re going to use that as the premise of your argument, as stupid a rationale as that is, at least apply it consistently. More reactions:

The idea of making profits is fine, but America isn’t just about making money. There is a nationalistic pride that far outweighs “going for the gold.” In your case, your timing is terrible considering you decided to run the ads at a time when many Americans have had it with do-nothing lawmakers who want to disguise amnesty proposals for illegal immigrants as comprehensive immigration reform. I think the reason you have had such a negative reaction is because the ads can be construed by white, English-speaking Americans to mean you are either indifferent to their concerns or support the misguided argument that illegal immigrants should be extended the same legal rights as full-fledged citizens.

No, you dolt; the commercial had nothing whatsoever to do with illegal immigration. Where is the logic? “We’ve had it with politicians who won’t do something about illegal immigration, so we’re going to take it out on anyone who speaks another language, whether they’re here legally or illegally, and even on those who want to talk to those who speak another language.” Brilliant thinking.

And I love the car dealer, who responded to such comments from anonymous idiots on his blog with this:

Stewart thrashed back at the above “anonymous” post by saying, “Anonymous? A person who criticizes me but is afraid to tell me his name, phone number or e-mail has no credibility. You are either afraid that your opinions won’t stand up to intelligent debate or you have a secret agenda to do me harm … such as a sales manager or salesman for a competing dealership. The KKK Klansman has a good reason for his anonymity … what’s yours?”

Makes me wanna buy a car from this guy, and I don’t even speak Spanish. Stand strong in the face of the know-nothings, Mr. Stewart.