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Court OKs Strip Searches for Ibuprofen

In schools, that is. The 9th Circuit Appeals Court has ruled in favor of a school that forced a 13 year old girl to expose herself to school officials because they suspected that she had…advil. Yes, advil (see ruling here). The decision was 2-1. No word on whether the strip search triggered the release of…

More Junk Science from Judith Reisman

“Dr” Judith Reisman, the venerable old battleaxe who bravely fights the forces of naughtiness, is back with yet another medically-useless diagnosis of people she’s never met. Pornographically Induced Impotence is now a national pandemic, raking in untold billions for pornographers and their satellite businesses as well as from the marital discord and despair it produces.

Prizes for Energy Breakthroughs?

With the exception of those radical environmentalists who argue that society must be radically deconstructed along non-technological lines, like the bioregionalists, everyone in our society should be able to agree on the important role that scientific and technological research must have in solving our energy problems. Clearly we must get beyond our reliance on highly…

Military Demagoguery

If there is one thing that absolutely makes me nuts, it’s the tendency of simpleminded rightwingers to demagogue the issue of “supporting the troops.” If you say anything that questions a decision to send troops into any situation, you’re not “supporting the troops” (if it’s a Republican sending them, that is; they had no problem…

Prosylitizing Sheriff Ordered to Stop

Howard Friedman spotted this story. A Federal court has ordered Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. to stop bringing in a Christian group to evangelize those who work under him. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports: U.S. District Judge Lynn Adelman wrote the evangelical church’s presentations violated the Constitution’s establishment clause, which bars governments from…

Scientological Supremacy?

We’ve all heard about many situations in which employers pressured employees to be Christian, but here’s a first: a dentist in Chicago charged with coercing his employees in to Scientology: Apart from being subjected to sexual propositions and touching on an almost daily basis, the employees were required to learn about Scientology in order to…

Best Wishes to Virginia Postrel

Virginia Postrel has breast cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy. She says the particular form of cancer is aggressive, but her prognosis is still good. Postrel is one of the more consistently surprising and interesting thinkers around and I certainly hope she makes a fast and full recovery.

Part 5 of Moon Series Posted

Part 5 of my series on Rev. Moon is posted at the Michigan Messenger. This installment focuses on Moon’s activity in black churches.

At Talk2Action, where I also posted my last take on the subject and where Max Blumenthal has posted a reply. The discussion continues in the comments on both posts.

Mr. Brayton Goes to Washington

It looks like I’m going to be flying to Washington DC for a blogging conference with Americans United for Separation of Church and State on November 11th, staying for a celebration of AU’s 60th anniversary on the 12th and coming home on the 14th. If there are any Dispatches readers in the area who would…