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Cops Don’t Write Cops

Balko links to this site where cops throw hissy fits about other cops who – gasp! – give them tickets for things they’d give other people tickets for. Such cops get nominated for a “Dick of the Month” award. And look at how dishonestly they do it, posting this disclaimer to make it seem like they’re just complaining about when a cop is harder on another cop than they would be on a civilian:

This is a site for officers getting traffic tickets that ANY normal civilian could get a warning on, verbal or written. This is a site for cops, about cops, and designed by cops. Needless to say, we are fed up with hearing about this and think something should be done. There’s always another ticket down the street. We are all family and maybe someday you may need one of us to get out of our car and save your sorry ass. But odds are you’re the cop that doesn’t do anything to begin with.

Uh huh. Now let’s look at some of the actual stories and see if they fit that disclaimer. Here’s one from a cop that got caught in a speed trap using an airplane:

As I passed a state trooper, she kept her lights on and pulled back onto the highway and got behind me. I pulled over and had my license out when she approached. I figured that she saw the FOP badge on my plate (hopefully they’ll show the picture). It’s not something that any ordinary person can buy. They’re numbered and you have to be the police to get one.

Once she got to my window, she took my license and told me that I was clocked by airspeed doing 84.9 miles per hour. That seemed a little high, but we know not to argue. She asked why the hurry. I told her I wasn’t in a hurry and that I was en route to give a LAW ENFORCEMENT defensive tactics training seminar in Springfield. I actually gave her the business card of my contact at the Police Academy. The same academy that trains the state police! I then mentioned that I have been law enforcement for almost 15 years and would appreciate a break. She then told me that she couldn’t do that because she was the “catch car”. I then rattled off a couple names of who might be flying the plane that was above (Butler, Galvan). I worked with a couple during a DEA detail once and I KNOW they would give me the nod. That didn’t even phase her. I then realized that I was getting a ticket. After stopping hundreds of cops on Lake Shore Drive, some state, I was getting a ticket. I have friends in state police districts 2, 5 and of course Chicago. This troop, Trpr Schroder #3512, from district 6 is the only officer to ever give me a ticket while I have been a police officer. Congrats to you.

20 miles over the speed limit and he’s complaining that he got a ticket despite dropping a bunch of names. And the feigned outrage that he was getting a ticket after writing thousands of tickets for the same offense. Awww. How awful for you, being held to the same standard the rest of us are. You poor, oppressed little man. Worse yet? This guy teaches other cops:

Since I instruct with several training agencies, NEMRT, and the academies, I will use this as an example of how not to show professional courtesy.

And we’ll use you as an example of a hypocritical piece of shit. But he’s hardly alone:

I would like to nominate Officer Mike Buzan from Crete,IL as a “DICK.” Recently Ofc Buzan wrote a Lansing,IL police officer. And of course this was after a rookie officer (Taylor) arrested a Lansing Police Officer’s wife on a suspended license (Emissions)-And he has been talked to, and advised that we do not arrest or write cops or their wives…

So on behalf of the “real” police officer’s at Crete, I would like to extend my apologizes to The Lansing Police Department, and to let them know the rest of us do not write cops!!!!!!!

Yeah, all that stuff about the rule of law is just for bad guys. And not only are cops exempt, their wives are too.

I am an active police officer in the NYPD and was driving down to Florida on March 4th 2007 which was the first time I have driven to Florida, not realizing in time the sign changed 65 to 45 i was slowing down and was nailed doing 61 in a 45 by Officer Brown 2416 (the summons copy is light) of LAWTEY PD Bradford County FL. I had to pay $185 which I didn’t have on this avoidable summons. This officer could have cared less that he was writing another active police officer, I go out of my way to take care of other cops no matter where you may be visiting from.

Awwww. You drove too fast and got a ticket you couldn’t afford to pay? My heart bleeds for you. I nominate you all for dicks of the month.


  1. #1 Tulle
    September 26, 2007

    Well, to be fair, the guy that got a ticket in Lawdy may have a point. Lawdy is a speed trap of epic proportions and has been listed as such for over 20 years by AAA. No, I never got a ticket there, but only because it is well know in this part of the state. The speed limit goes from 65 to 45 in an alarming short distance. I would start slowing down well before the sign because if someone is behind you and they don’t know about it they might rear end you. Another town a little ways down US 301 is almost as bad (Waldo) but I think they have redone the signs and have been taken off the speed trap list. Both these towns get around 40% of thier budget from tickets. Since so much of their budget comes from the tickets nobody gets a pass.

  2. #2 Jeff
    September 26, 2007

    On one Monday afternoon I was wandering around town before a meeting and decided to go to get a snack. I had to turn right on to a five lane street. I was behind an un-marked police car (which isn’t that un-marked since you can see the blue lights in the rear window and the “Police Interceptor” badge that Ford put on it). We both turned into the outside lane like the traffic test book said we should.

    I immediately signaled and changed into the inside lane because I had to make a left turn in a few lights so I wanted to be closer to the turn lane. As I was in the middle of the two lanes, the cop decided to change lanes, too. He basically cut me off and didn’t use his signal to boot. I got rather close to him because I wasn’t expecting that a cop would be so stupid as to do something like that without there being an actual emergency.

    The cop immediately got back into the right lane and slowed down. I passed him. He again changed lanes without signaling and turned on his lights. He “pulled me over” in the middle of the lane to lecture me that I was following too closely to him.

    “Do you know why I pulled you over?”
    “You were so close to me that I couldn’t see your hood.”
    “Was this when I was trying to change lanes?”
    evading the question “Did you know that there is a minimum distance that you’re supposed to keep?”

    That pissed me off for a good three days.

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