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Welborn’s MySpace Page

Wanna see the MySpace page of the major who has been harassing Pfc. Jeremy Hall, the atheist soldier in Iraq? Here it is. Suffice to say that after reading it, you won’t be at all surprised by the accusations. And yes, I’ve saved the whole page because it will likely disappear soon.


  1. #1 jpf
    September 28, 2007

    Sorry, BruceH, but there are such disciplines (that doesn’t exclude it being a sick joke, though). Here’s Tennessee Temple University’s site. I can’t see any degree in Personal Evangelism listed anywhere, but other Christian colleges do offer it as a course (google it), so they probably do too. For annoying fun, read their Math/Science Program, which includes this under their “Math Area Objectives”:

    The student will evaluate mathematical issues from a Biblical perspective.

    If you see an equation written on their blackboards with a sin() function in it, it might not mean sine.

    The Wikipedia article on TTU has this to say:

    Tennessee Temple University is a four-year private Christian university located in Chattanooga, Tennessee and identified with the Independent Baptist faith, although most traditional Independent Baptists have distanced if not, separated themselves from this seemingly liberal institution by Independent Baptist standards. However, most Independent Baptists still hold the late Dr. Lee Roberson as a great example of fundamentalism.

    So apparently this is a relatively liberal Christian college, which means it could be worse. Oh, and their sports teams are the Crusaders. Wonder if Major Welborn wore anything with their logo around Iraq?

    I was a bit confused by this on their “Accreditation” page:

    Tennessee Temple University is authorized by the United States Department of Homeland Security to enroll international students.

    DHS is in charge of foreign student enrolment now? Who was in charge before DHS was created? INS?

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