Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Last week’s Family Impact Summit in Florida turned out to be quite a bust:

A conservative Christian summit at a Florida church last weekend attracted only about half as many people as organizers had hoped.

By Friday evening, just over 100 people had registered to hear speakers that included Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, Southern Baptist leader Richard Land, former presidential candidate Gary Bauer and the American Family Association’s Don Wildmon.

A workshop on grass roots activism drew a handful of people — and one was a spy, an activist for Americans United for Separation of Church and State researching the opposition.

Heck, they had almost that many religious right luminaries speaking at the event. The list included not only bigwigs like Tony Perkins and Gary Bauer, but my personal favorite looney tune, Katherine Harris. You know, the one who kept saying that God had told her to run for the Senate last year and spend millions of her own money only to see her get beaten like a red-headed stepchild.

Donald Wildmon was there too, but one wonders how on earth he got there without inadvertently supporting the “radical gay agenda.” As I pointed out a couple weeks ago, it’s almost impossible to get from here to there without giving your business to a company that gets a perfect 100 rating from the Human Rights Campaign for their corporate policies toward gay and lesbian employees.

Every major American airline scores at least an 80. Every major car company scores a perfect 100. Maybe all the speakers went Greyhound. Heck, maybe that’s why the attendance was so low, all their followers stayed home rather than giving their hard-earned money to a company that actually treats gays and lesbians as human beings.