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New Allegations in ORU Scandal

This story just keeps getting better and better. That lawsuit filed against Oral Roberts University contains some even more explosive allegations than initially revealed, according to this Tulsa World article:

The full, unsubstantiated report now attached to the lawsuit contains new allegations that Lindsay Roberts, Richard Roberts’ wife, spent the night in an ORU guest house with an underage male nine times, was photographed 29 times in her car with an underage male after midnight and after minors’ curfew, visited Victory Christian School with an underage male 81 times in 2004, smoked with an underage male at her house and repeatedly moved her “male 16-year-old friend” into her family’s house.

And it gets worse:

The new suit includes a new allegation that Richard Roberts and ORU gave ”a convicted sexual deviant unrestricted access to the students of the university.”

The suit doesn’t identify the person, but says that prior to his association with the school he had confessed to crimes in Tulsa, Tulsa County and Payne County.

”All three allegations of sexually-deviant conduct resulted in convictions,” the suit says.

The person was hired at the direct personal instruction and under the supervision of Richard Roberts, the suit says.

The person, identified as a ”Mentor” for ORU students, ”confessed to the facts regarding exposing himself to a fifteen year old boy in a school locker room,” the suit says.

Wait till the depositions start. This is gonna get really fun.