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Who Do You Root For Here?

Forget that little tiff between Michelle Malkin and Geraldo Rivera, here’s a really tough fight to pick a side on: Oral Roberts vs Satan.

A noted U.S. televangelist returned to his namesake university Monday and denied accusations of lavish spending by school officials and illegal involvement in a political campaign, telling students and employees in a chapel service that “the devil is not going to steal ORU.”

Making his first visit to Oral Roberts University in three years, Oral Roberts said at the service that his son Richard Roberts, who took a leave of absence as the school’s president last week, eventually will return to his position, the Tulsa World reported.

Sorry Oral, the problem here is not the devil; the problem here is you and your son, two pure frauds and con men who have built a lavish empire on the donations of the ignorant and the credulous. If there is a devil and a hell where justice is done, you and your family will be roasting on a spit for all eternity. You better hope that God in whose name you’ve been preaching doesn’t exist, buddy.


  1. #1 Skemono
    October 26, 2007

    Hey, it’s like I’ve said before: Satan is a great guy.

    Well, not Mr. Satan, he’s a prick.

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