Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Youtube Gems: Living Colour

No, not the sketch comedy show that unforgivably launched the career of Jim Carrey, but the seminal hard rock band that burst onto the scenes in the mid to late 80s. This has always been one of my favorite bands. Very few bands could match their musicianship (all were Berklee School of Music grads) or their intensity. And just to remind you how powerful they were, the first video is a live performance of Cult of Personality that is just blistering:

Here’s Type, a great song from their second album:

Here’s a much more recent clip of them doing a remake of Seven Nation Army:

Unfortunately, some of their best videos were put up on Youtube by their record company so they can’t embedded. But I’ll link to them. Here’s a great song called Open Letter To a Landlord.

Here’s Love Rears Its Ugly Head.

Here’s Nothingness.

Here’s Leave It Alone.

Here’s Solace of You.