Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Janet Folger’s Persecution Fantasies

This may be a nominee for the idiot of the century, an award I would have to name after Larry Fafarman instead of Robert O’Brien. You have to see Janet Folger’s column at the Worldnutdaily, which takes delusion to a whole new level. It’s a hypothetical letter she writes to “The Resistance” from a jail cell a year after Hillary Clinton is elected. No, I’m not making that up. I’ll reprint the first part of it below the fold:

I’m writing this letter from prison, where I’ve been since the beginning of 2010. Since Hillary was elected in ’08, Christian persecution in America has gotten even worse than we predicted.

When the so-called “Fairness Doctrine” was signed into law, my radio program was yanked off the air along with all the others that dared discuss moral issues on Christian radio. The networks just couldn’t bring themselves to air a pro-abortion program or one that advocates the homosexual agenda for the government mandated “balance” because broadcasting lies went against their basic beliefs – I don’t blame them.

We knew “Thought Crimes” was in danger of becoming law back when it passed Congress in 2007, but thankfully, President Bush kept his promise to veto it. But, tragically, Hillary signed that most dangerous bill in America – ushering in the criminalization of Christianity. And now, even my book, “The Criminalization of Christianity,” has been banned as “hate speech” just as I predicted when I wrote it back in 2005.

When the “Employment Non-Discrimination Act” (“Thought Crimes” for the Workplace) became law, businesses and ministries were targeted by homosexual activists and were forced to close when they wouldn’t comply with a law forcing them to hire those opposed to their beliefs on moral issues.

When they canceled my program, banned my book and targeted my ministry, I knew it was only a matter of time before I’d be forced into “prison ministry” against my will. Unfortunately for our nation, that ministry is growing fast. A homeschooling mom was assigned the cell next to me. I try to comfort her, but she cries constantly at the thought of her kids being raised in government foster care.

I’ll take hysterically overblown paranoia for $1000, Alex. Now I’m hardly a Hillary Clinton supporter; far from it. But this makes asininity into an art form. Tell you what, Janet, I’ll make you a bet. If Hillary Clinton does get elected and you’re not thrown in prison for being a Christian, you agree never to write or speak again; if you are thrown in jail, I’ll agree to the same. Deal?

Of course you won’t make that deal. You know you’re completely full of shit and you know that this twisted little fantasy doesn’t have a chance in hell of coming true. You’re peddling it to your credulous followers, but you damn sure won’t put your career where your mouth is. Empty rhetoric, plain and simple.